I’m still here! :P

hi everyone! 🙂


WOW! has it REALLY been that long since I last posted on here…! sheesh diddn’t realise it’d been that long!


well, anyway, basically… school happened lol… well 6th form technically. As some of you may or may not know, i’ve just finished my first year, so I took my AS levels.

so yes, the majority of my time was then taken up by those, and I hardly did myself any favours with my subjects! I took chemistry, biology spanish and geography. so not really the easiest of rides haha!!

but anyway, after those, the blog got a bit forgotten, I went to the USA, and the poor blog was left neglected hehe!

then I had the worst week last week which made me want to do anything but blog lol!  Basically, I got my AS results… My choice of career is veterinary medicine. To be able to apply for the course, I need to be predicted 3 As at A level (bio, chem and one other). in the end I got Spanish – A, geography – A, chemistry – B, biology – C. so yeah, not happy. especially since I had been predicted an A in biology and only got a C, anyway i’m having a remark so all is not lost, but still its highly unlikely that chemistry will agree to predict me an A for it, but it is possible to bump that up. it just takes lots of work. which i’m happy to so, so its a case of taking a gap year really, and applying a year later with actual A level grades, not with predicteds


but yes, so if i have a gap year, i’ll be able to get some work experience, and also to put more time into my dyeing which will be nice! :). maybe get a couple of fibre shows done!!! Must admit i would like that.


but yes… enough about me going on about my life hahaha xD!!!! its time for me to go on about spinning instead :P!

well…. July led an expected delivery! 😛 to be exact a new wheel!!!!!! my 30 inch DT schacht reeves in ash!!!! :D! it arrived 2 days before I flew out to the US. seriously, this wheel is GOOOOOOOOOOOD! just try and take it away from me :P! i ask it to do something, and it just does it no questions asked! ohh and did i mention its FAST! like 24:1 of fast… i have a whorl on order to put it up to 38:1 though. this should be “crazy fast” enough for me to do some decent longdraw! 🙂

here he is :)!  i’ve been spinning merino fleece onto him for the moment. i’m spinning deliberately fine. about 8 fibres to the single.. on 20:1 shortdraw from some fleece i combed a while back.

aswell as the new wheel, i opened up a fibre club this month too! :). the september signups have ended now, but october will be a good one (signups for that will open on the 1st september on my etsy shop) , and i’m thinking of upping the doses i’m going to offer. theres a thread about it on my group on ravelry.

it doesnt run every month, as i cant always find time to dye enough fibre each month, but mostly i’ll be running a club. from now until christmas it should be fine, :)! the price will also vary a little with each month as i’m going to be offering luxuries aswell as more normal choices for fibres.

so yes… all in all its been a while, but i’m hoping to be blogging a bit more regularly tehe! :)!

glad to be back! 🙂


James xx


5 responses to this post.

  1. now I’ve seen him I am JEALOUS 🙂 beautiful wheel xx


  2. Hi James Congrats on the results that you did get, all is not lost just re jig your plans as you have already said.

    The wheel looks great, I am plodding along with my spinning have advanced to a wheel now using the Guild’s at the mo but have won one on eBay and will collect begining of September so will miss the September meeting but I am looking forward to October and seeing your carding presentation.

    The link on Ravelry to your Etsy Shop is not working for me!

    Susan (Susanba on Rav)


  3. Posted by Mary Eckstein on January 10, 2012 at 12:40 am

    Dear James-
    I have to thank you for posting your videos on how to do long draw. Because of you I am able to do it and love it. Also, thank you for the post on the drum carding. I thought it was very clear. I hope you are able to get better grades in the area you need in order to become a veterinarian. If you take care of animals the same way you go about spinning then they will be lucky animals indeed!
    Mary E from Maine, USA


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