first post of 2012, and ive gone and done it again! :P

hello everyone,


well, first of all I think i should say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

ok, so blated happy new year, im only a couple of months late. anyway, I remembered my blog, and any of you wonderful people who read it and decided to do a little bit of update and nattering.

whats changed since I last posted… well not TOO much!

lets start with my career choice. well, as many of you know, i was going to be a vet and do veterinary at Uni. however, sometimes it takes a boot up the backside to show you where your interests lie, and this happened with me. i really dont like biology! so lets face it… whats the point of me being a vet if i wont enjoy it. my real love is chemistry. its what makes me tick. so after deligation, i have applied for Mchem Medicinal chemistry.

With this degree, it’s 4 years and includes a masters degree and a year abroad which for me will be in Spain. I applied, and have got offers from all 5 of my choices. now i just have to go and decide which to put as firm and which to put as my insurance, anyway, thats all good. im currently about to do my A2 mocks, which should be ok, so ive just been working pretty hard this week :P!

now. lets get off of the studying and get onto some good ol fibre!! :P!

well, suprisingly for me i have no change to my wheel assembly. the reeves is here as is the matchless and the victoria.

these days im spinning on the reeves more than anything. its my favorite wheel and has the least problems and things i dont like :P! yes, i still lust after a majacraft rose and maybe a new matchless, but i cant justify it, or get off my backside to do something about it hehe!

now, as ive had all this work and resat my AS biology, ive been shamefully unproductive in terms of spinning. this whole year has been so far! i’m spinning 200g of fairly fine laceweight at the moment. 4oz hand combed grey bond thats sitting on a bobbin spun, and 4oz Wizard island on 60/40 merino bamboo from fatcatknits.

GORGEOUS fibre!! let me tell you, fatcatknits is an awesome shop, and Ginny is lovely!! such a great eye for colours! i love her stuff, so much so i subscribe to her club, aswell as being a default member of my own ;p!

talking of which, yes, yes yes, the club still runs. at the mo, sporadically, as studying becomes pretty intense.

last month was actually quite a lot of fun. i dyed 50/50 royal baby alpaca and silk. the fibre was buttery soft and very scrummy!!

im in fact thinking of changing my club a little. i know that this summer ill be able to do some decent lots of dyeing, so i’ll be opening a 3 month club. where you’ll know the fibre or blend you’re going to get but not the colourway. there may also be a choice of fibres if i get enough orders :)!


anyway thats enough from me for now :P! 🙂 enjoy


James xx


2 responses to this post.

  1. Happy New Year to you too James, glad to hear you are working hard at your studies, the more qualifcations you get the wider your options in life!

    My daughter always wanted to be a ‘dinner lady’ but she got a university degree in bussiness, is able to have a good life style and still wants to be a dinner lady but when she has paid for the house and her children have been to uni! 😉

    Hope to see you at the guild some time soon



  2. Hi James,
    I just put an comment on you YouTube lessons.
    You are awesome.
    Would really like to take lessons from you!
    I now you are beginning your study now but I am so very impressed.
    I am sure a lot of people would.
    Hope you make your right choose and looking forward to your next blog.


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