lets talk about spinning!!!

Hi Folks!!

I can barely believe it’s been almost a year since I posted on my blog! I can safely say that I have been neglecting it far too much! This will change!!

So, what’s new with me? – LOTS!!!! and lots and lots and lots… you get the picture.

Lets start off with the boring bits. well, after months of stress, hassle and work, I took my A levels back last June, and got into York university to study chemistry. I’ve just about finished my first year, and I have to say, i’m loving it! the course is great as is the department. I obviously live away from “home home” now, but I do live somewhere nice, and I have a brilliant mix of friends i’ve made since being here. Living on your own is an adjustment both in mentality, and practically, but i’ve got there just fine.

So lets chat about my spinning life.

Well, where do i start. things are somewhat exploding for me!! in a good way!

I have now got 4 wheels. that’s an extra to what I had last time. I still have the schacht matchless and the schacht reeves. I have however got rid of the louet victoria, and have an ashford traveller with a lace flyer (blog post to come fairly soon about that), and a majacraft suzie pro. the ashford and suzie live with me at uni. I have combs, and a drumcarder up here too so i’m set up for some decent spinning.

So, in addition to the wheel, I decided that it was about time for me to expand myself in terms of my dyeing. I took the plunge and signed up for Fibre East as an exhibitor. Many of you may know I am an indie dyer as well as spinner/knitter. I have an etsy shop which i had to close when i came to uni due to logistics and being able to get fibre dyed, but I have been working of easter to get lots of dyeing done.

I am in fact completely revamping and refreshing my image with dyeing, to make myself both more unique, and better in general. That has meant all new one of a kind dye techniques that play on my science background, aswell as new fibres and a new general outlook. The details are secret for now, but more will be along soon!

Next thing… ok. so many of you will know of the brilliant Jacey Boggs who is the author of the book “spin art”? well, she is also starting a brand new magazine for spinning over in the USA called “ply”. It just so happens I will be publishing an article in the november edition. I’m not totally sure if i’m allowed to disclose what i’m writing about (you can probably guess), so i won’t for now, but that means i’ve been busy on that, as well as spinning the samples. Still, actually getting something published is quite a big step for me that i’ve wanted to take for a while. Now is the time it would seem!

So then last-ish thing. I am thinking very seriously about starting up a v-log podcast type of affair called “lets talk spinning”. I have a provisional first episode filmed and edited, and I think it could be something fun to do. I’m still thinking about it, and seeing mainly if anyone would actually watch it but it’s a possibility.

SO yes, that’s me, and what’s going on at the moment. I want to try and blog here more often than I currently am, but of course life gets in the way. The next blog I want to talk about my ashford lace flyer in fact. I have my exams in about 5 weeks time, so I may not get it done till after then but I really want to try and make it in the next week.

Anyway… please do comment, and let me know what you think to the podcast! 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi James good to hear what you are doing loved the blog. Good luck with your exams, and will certainly see you at Fibre East in June, looking forward to seeing all your new dyed fibres and what new colour combinations you have come up with!

    Very interested to see your pod cast, when I started spinning I followed your Utube vids and they were a great help.

    Keep up the good work and take a peek at my blog sometime



  2. Hi James!!!
    A V-post cast would be great!!!
    I will see it for sure!


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