In the words of the petunias – “Ohh no not again!”

Ok, i’ve managed to seriously neglect my blog YET AGAIN!

since I last posted not really much has happened. Ok actually it has. LOTS has changed.

I’m in my second year at uni now, still studying chemistry, and loving it dearly I’m hopefully going to do some research in the department on enzyme electrochemistry with any luck if I can get some funding from somewhere! In terms of spinning, well I had a stall at fibre east, which was a fabulous event! I had a great weekend there, and sold some fluff which is always a good thing for me! I managed to stay fairly restrained and only came home with 1kg Polwarth lamb, 1 black BFL fleece and 2kg mid brown bond. I also did buy a CVM fleece off of t’internet, but we’re not going to mention that in case my mother reads this and murders me. Ok, and we’re totally not going to mention the perendale I went halves on with my friend either! What??!! I like fleece ok πŸ˜›

In terms of wheels, I’ve added wheels to my flock since then! quite possilbly I hadn’t posted when i bought my suzie pro. Well, I have another one now, and its lovely. I even went and bought a woolee winder for it, and i have to seriously like a wheel to go and do that. More recently I did buy a cherry hansen mini spinner. I’m in the process of spinning some test yarns and will be doing a youtub video on that soon. Mainly a video review in fact.

Now comes the shameful bit…. I KILLED MY SUZIE D:

I’ve only had my suzie for 6 months. I bought her second hand from another raveller. Turns out Spinning 90WPI singles with the lace kit and fast whorl isn’t a good idea… WELL not when you’re treadling at about 90 drive wheel revs per minute. the equivalent is about 32:1 in actual ratio at my usual treadling speed. Ok here goes, the conrod actally fell apart. yes, it fell apart!!!!!! I wanted to cry, but took a text book to it (you’ve not seen my organic chem text book, It’s heavy and possibly should involve a license in case I one day go crazy and bludgeon anyone with it). But yeah, if I did i’d do a good job lol! So yes, armed with that as a hammer, I went and reattached the conrod and yeah it fell off again.. Ohh well itll mean 90 quid for a new one but worse things have happened I guess…. anyway thats me. hopefully i’ll not procrastinate and post soon πŸ™‚


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