its spriiiing!

hi everyone!


ok so posting every week isnt going well, but I figure i’m busy for the mo. 

very little has progressed here actually, still studying for A levels which start in June, so next month and end on the 25th. so counting down the days till I can spend 3 whole months of my life blissfully free before I go to uni. 

i’m developing my love of fleece again which is sorta cool. have been blending some corriedale/alpaca/glitz in a 70/30 ratio. its coming out well actually and i’m down to the last say 70g or so of blending out of about 500g! what will I make? who knows lol how will I spin it? who knows! along with that i’m getting the merino and cormo back out. Fine wools are my favorites to spin, so it’s only right I give merino some space in my blog post. I have a few colours – moorit, black (well close enough to black more like dark dark brown) and mid grey. lovely fleeces – the mid grey is horrendously greasy even for merino! the others are om nom nom! my fave is definitely the moorit. 

I actually had a go with some unicorn power scour, and I have to say it does a great job! it was wonderful for cleaning my fleece at 60oC which is a good 15-20 degrees celcius less than I usually use. I also used way less! fairy liquid for about 100g fleece I use about 350ml fairy. thats LOTS almost a whole pint bottle!!! and probably about £1.40 worth! for 100g, my cost with the power scour would be about 75p. and not to mention the saving on power i’ll get because of not heating kettles and stuff! 


I confess to having done very little spinning or knitting. well, over the last 3 weeks i’ve maybe spun 10g worth fibre (any of you who know me know this is almost nothing for me) and knitted about 4 rows total on anything. 


and of course, no dyeing at the moment not till June! i will be doing a MONSTER SIZED July update though! we’re talking LOTS of fibre!!!! a good few kilos at least, so just you wait for that hehe! 


anyway enjoy!


James xx


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